Restoring hope so that every child has a chance at childhood

What We Do

The In-N-Out Burger Foundation’s purpose is to assist children who have been victims of child abuse, and to prevent others from suffering a similar fate.

Over 700,000

cases of child abuse occur each year in America

Every 10 Seconds

a child abuse report is placed

1 in 30 Children

experience homelessness annually

Since 1984, In-N-Out BURGER has underwritten all of the administrative costs of the Foundation




386 organizations
73 counties
8 states



385 organizations
70 counties
7 states



403 organizations
68 counties
7 states



406 organizations
64 counties
7 states



389 organizations
64 counties
6 states


About The Foundation

Esther Snyder and her son Rich established the In-N-Out Burger Foundation to give children hope. Inspired by Esther’s belief that every child deserves a chance and a future, and driven by the family’s own encounter with child abuse, the Foundation supports programs of prevention and assistance to make that future a reality.

Esther and Rich

The Foundation supports organizations that provide:

Foster Care & Adoption Services

Intervention & Enrichment

Domestic Violence & Homelessness Assistance

The In-N-Out Burger Foundation’s purpose is to assist children who have been victims of child abuse, and to prevent others from suffering a similar fate. The Foundation supports organizations that provide residential treatment, emergency shelter, foster care, and early intervention for children in need.

The Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is supported primarily through donor contributions and internal fundraising activities sponsored by In-N-Out Burger. In addition, In-N-Out Burger pays all costs associated with The Foundation, so that every penny raised goes directly to help abused and neglected children!

Organization Spotlight

Family Haven

Family Haven is where any family can find relief from life’s pressures, and where families in crisis heal—changing the trajectories of individuals and families for generations. Family Haven is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect; the only agency in Utah County with a primary focus of child abuse prevention. They provide a wide range of services to meet local needs, including: a 24-Hour Crisis Respite Nursery; In Home Adoption Respite; Parent Education both on-site and in-home; Prevention Education presented to school and community groups; and Therapeutic Treatment for children as young as 18 months of age through adulthood.

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Family Haven has been supported by the Foundation since 2019

To learn more, please visit

The Foundation is supported primarily through donor contributions

Every penny raised goes to children in need

What is child abuse?

Child abuse is when a parent or caregiver, whether through action or failing to act, causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child. There are many forms of child maltreatment, including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation and emotional abuse.

With your help, we can help prevent the unconscionable act of child abuse, and change the startling facts that go with it.  Together, let’s help give a voice, and a chance, to abused children everywhere.

Every Year We Award Grants

To non-profit organizations that most closely match our purpose

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